It's a user-friendly estimating system that organizes clients, bids jobs, produces reports, and more!

Desktop and Mobile

Estimate jobs on the iPad, Android tablets, Mac's, PC's, and more. Start a job in the field on your iPad and it will already be on your Desktop when you get back to the office.

Get Your Time Back!

PEP Cloud learns faster ways to estimate common types of jobs. For example, teach PEP Cloud to estimate the entire exterior of a house with only 4 measurements.

Make More Money!

PEP Cloud comes preloaded with industry standard rates to help bid jobs more accurately. Log money spent and received on a job to track and increase profit.


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What is an eBid?

An eBid is a tool that allows you to showcase your company before showing the price. Tell your client about the background checks that you run on your crew, about your license and insurance, or about the 5-star reviews from other clients before getting to the price tag.

The old way...

It used to be that you would create a proposal or quote and email it to your client. You would sit around wondering whether or not he received it.

  • Did he ever look at it?
  • Did he see how wonderful your business is before seeing the price?
  • What was his favorite part?

The NEW Way!

You create an eBid and either present it in person on a tablet or email it to your client. As soon as your client looks at it, you get an email alert! You get to see how many times he looked at it and for how long. You can figure out his favorite part and what part he doesn't care about.

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Easy for clients.

Your client is welcomed with an inviting, simple presentation. As soon as he looks at the eBid, you get an email alert. You could even choose to call him and ask if he has any questions.

eBid Welcome Page

Present value before the price.

Don't let the client judge you by the price alone. Use pictures to present the value of your business before getting to the price.

Picture Gallery

Fine tune your presentations.

You get to see which pages your client spent the most time on and which pages he ignored. Spend your time improving the most popular pages for future proposals.

Activity Graph

Close the deal.

Allow your client to accept the proposal and sign right on his screen. More clients want to do business on their smartphones or tablet from the convenience of their homes.

Accept Signature


Phone numbers are always right at your finger tips. Start emailing a customer just by tapping on his email address.


Instantly estimate an entire room just by entering the length, width, and ceiling height or itemize every last detail.


Take pictures with your iPad or tablet while estimating and include them in your proposal to help stand apart from the competition.


Materials can be calculated with customized rates including provisions for material wasted depending on the method of application.


Produce professional proposals, legal contracts, and work orders for your crews. Instantly email reports right from your device.


Make more money by estimating accurately. Account for overhead and profit on labor and materials.

Capture Signatures

Instantly capture a clients signature on your screen or email a contract to a client and let him capture his signature on his own screen.

Metric Support

PEP Cloud supports both imperial and metric measurements. You can also set PEP Cloud to foreign currencies and date formats.


Switch PEP Cloud over to Spanish to support Spanish speaking users or use PEP Cloud in English but create Work Orders or other reports in Spanish.

Google Maps

Map the client or job site with built in Google Maps integration. Get directions to the job.

Track Jobs

After selling the job, track the labor and materials to make sure you made a profit.


Your information is password protected and backed up every night. Servers are protected by 24hr enterprise grade security.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How much does PEP Cloud cost?

PEP Cloud costs $25 per month. We bill every 3 months. So, every 3 months you are billed $75. There is no contract or long term commitment. You can quit at any time. If you want to also integrate PEP Cloud with your QuickBooks account, it costs an additional $120 per year.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer 1 on 1 classes geared to your specific needs. We use a program called GoTo Meeting that allows us to see your computer screen or for you to see our computer screen. That way we can direct you through PEP Cloud to explain how everything works. We can record what is happening on the screen in a video format and then email you a link to the training session video to review at your convenience.
Click here to request a session!

Does PEP Cloud only work on a tablet?

No! You can use PEP Cloud on just about any device with a web browser. Here are some examples:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
We do suggest that you use the Google Chrome web browser on any non Apple devices.

How can I try it out?

You can try PEP Cloud for FREE for 7 days by clicking here.

I'm ready to buy. How do I do that?

You can sign up to use PEP Cloud by clicking here.