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The PEP Advantage

With all the choices out there for estimating software it can become difficult and confusing to figure out which program best meets your needs. Allow us to identify just a few of the reasons why PEP will meet and exceed your business needs:

  • It's Easy To Use!

  • PEP has been used by contractors for over 16 years
  • Produce estimates on-site for immediate customer approval
  • It walks you through your estimate and builds a personal library of your estimating preferences
  • Increase your bid accuracy and speed with pre-loaded rates
  • Bid your jobs with a profit margin
  • Win job bids with a higher bottom line with our professional documents which justify the customer's cost
  • PEP gives you professional, legal reports that you won't find with most other estimating software including:
    • Proposals
    • Contracts
    • Work Orders
    • Office Orders
    • Job Tracking
    • Material Lists
    • Invoices

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